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INSPIRATION Shipping - what happened? The full story.

INSPIRATION Shipping - what happened? The full story.


To our customers, backers from Kickstarter and Indiegogo,

For the last few weeks, we have not been able to clearly update you about the shipping status. Not because we did not want to, but because we were in the dark. We now have all the answers, and we would like to share the actual situation with complete transparency.

Let’s start from the beginning. The production. As you already know, we had some problems during production with our printing plate that broke after the printing of only a few units. At this point, we had to create a new one and relaunch a new line of production.

But then we had many printing issues as you can see below, the alignment was not good. This is because one printing plate was not enough to print such a huge area. During the silk-printing process, the plate was moving and there were some alignment issues.

To solve this issue, we had to create three new printing plates, in order to “over-print” our INSPIRATION mats. It means printing each mat three times:

1/ First printing plate would print the left side of the mat.
2/ Second printing plate would print the right side of the mat.
3/ Third and last printing plate would print the text and alignment lines.

After recalibrating and changing the entire printing process, we have been able to avoid these issues and finally obtain a perfect result:

At this point, around the beginning of December, these printing problems were behind us and all our mats were ready to ship.

Unfortunately, at this time all the shipping costs were insanely high. This is because of the reduced number of vessels and planes travelling due to the covid19 crisis and the high number of goods being sent from China at this time of the year. All in all, we could not afford the actual shipping costs without losing money on this project.

We then agreed with our forwarder for a maximum price we would be ready to pay for the shipping of the goods to our warehouses in Europe and USA.

And this is when it became sketchy, during January we have not been able to get updates about the location of our goods and our forwarder told us that the goods were loaded and currently traveling to our warehouses. This lack of information might be explained by the time of the year again. The last month before the Chinese New Year is one of the busiest seasons for Chinese factories. They are blasting goods as they are about to shut down all production lines for their longest and only mandatory vacation of the year.

Unfortunately, we discovered that our goods were still at the Shanghai harbor, waiting for a pick-up.

This week we finally received the shipping documents, and we are now able to give you some exact estimated date of arrival.

- The container travelling to Los Angeles Harbor, USA (for all American orders) departed on the 2nd of February. It takes 20-25 days to arrive at the destination port. The goods will then be unloaded from the vessel, shipped to our warehouse in Los Angeles, where the final delivery will take place.
It gives us an ETA for all American orders between the 5th and the 15th of March.

- The container travelling to Le Havre harbor, FRANCE (for all the other worldwide orders) will depart on the 12th of February. It takes 30-35 days to arrive at the destination port. The goods will then be unloaded from the vessel, shipped to our warehouse in Paris, where the final delivery will take place.

It gives us an ETA for all European and rest of the world orders between the 20th and the 30th of March.

It has been one hell of a ride, and we have faced many challenges but we now feel like it will be over soon. On a personal level, it has caused many difficulties to our company as we can’t launch our newest projects as long as we have not shipped the INSPIRATION mats.

Our focus has always been to deliver great products at a fair price, and we can’t imagine launching products while the previous one is not delivered to our customers.

Therefore, we can’t wait to ship your mats and move forward.

We should have been more prepared and we could have done better, but please believe that we have done everything to get this right, for you, our business, and us.

We’re not taking your trust and patience for granted and we truly hope that you will understand that we did, and still are, doing our best.

Baptiste and Jeremy at 1026 STUDIO.

And if you have any question or want to discuss anything: hello@1026.studio or simply post a comment on the campaign :)